Bud Kenny is a vagabond, performance poet, author and lover of equines– especially mules. As a vagabond, his favorite mode of travel is walking–especially with a mule.

Most of Bud’s poems are narrative–they tell stories–some rhyme, some don’t. His prose has been described as “. . . conversational, in-the-moment tone . . .”–Kirkus Reviews.

Over the years Bud has loved many a mule. “They are such characters! You’ve got to have a sense of humor to love one.” Della is his favorite.

Unique characters whose stories are told with an in-the-moment tone and a touch of humor are what you can expect to find in Bud Kenny’s books.

Come inside, meet Bud and find out about his books.

Della, the heart and motor
of Footloose In America


Meet some migrant
farm workers in
Footloose In America.

Some of America’s cities are
part of Footloose as well.

Della, Bud & Patricia on
the road in New England.


Bud Kenny Books