Future Titles – Books in the Making

East to West & Halfway Back–On Foot (A Memoir)

In the mid-1970s, Bud Kenny spent three-and-a-half years traveling 8,000 miles of America’s byways on foot with a pack pony and dog. He started in eastern Pennsylvania and walked through the northern states to the coast of Oregon. Then he followed the coast down through San Francisco, where he turned east and walked to his mother’s home in Hot Springs, Arkansas. On that journey, he spent his first winter in a cave in Wisconsin, lived with a Sioux Medicine Man by the name of Black Elk in South Dakota, was struck by lightning near Wounded Knee, froze his feet on the Continental Divide and was arrested for having a horse on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bud has had a rough draft of this adventure in the file cabinet for many years. He is now reworking it and hopes to publish it in the spring of 2018

The Sundowner (A humorous novel)

Jake Bellows is 75, a self-made millionaire and in excellent physical shape–but he has Sundowner’s Syndrome.  In the daytime Jake is as sharp as a tack, but when the sun goes down–as he put’s it–“I get kind of goofy.” His family has him declared incompetent, because, in one of his demented states, Jake gives $250,000 to a striper. Besides losing control of his fortune, the judge takes away his driver’s license and he is to have 24-hour supervision. Jake becomes a prisoner in his mansion.

So Jake decides to run away from home. In the process of fleeing, he literally has a run-in with two burglars. They have just completed a major heist of Jake’s neighbor’s mansion when they hit him with the U-Haul truck they’re making their get-away in. Jake is unconscious but alive. So the burglars throw him in the back of the truck and take off. Eventually, Jake convinces them to kidnap him and hold him for a two-million-dollar ransom.  The result is a hilarious, rollicking, cross-country misadventure in a U-Haul truck that might make you see dementia in a different light.

Bud expects to have this project done by spring 2017


The View From Here– Poems by Bud Kenny

This will be Bud’s 5th collection of poetry. The other 4 self published books are out of print. The View From Here should be available by spring 2017

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